Field Notes

vintage camera

In the 12 years I have been living abroad and raising my family, my industry has completely transformed. The great transformation from film to digital. The labs are all gone, rolls of film are getting rare and when I do purchase film I hear these catchy words- 'vintage' and 'analog.' I hardly recognise my old stomping grounds. And so here I am in a new world, finally able to catch up with my first DSLR. All I can say is Yo! And it's about bloody time! I am one happy snapper and I have a massive amount of catching up to do. But wait... even in this brave new world I know I will always have my eternal crush on a roll of film. ♥

Just as I was saying... love prevails! Here's brilliant news just in:  the premier photo lab in LA where I used to work has re-opened! Check it out here! ♥♥