Clarke Quay

Recently I was out trying to get to grips with my new camera. I had to laugh every time I went to change the aperture by turning the dial on the lens. I'm not kidding that this is my first digital cam and using my index finger to turn a dial is breaking a long habit. It feels strange but I'm getting used to it. I joined the nice folks at Canon who offered a get to know your camera workshop to go along with my shiny new purchase. We went to Clarke Quay.

Quay is a british word for wharf and pronounced like 'key.' Clarke is Sir Andrew Clarke, the 19th century British officer who managed this port region of Malaysia back in the day. The history around here is pretty great, there were all kinds of adventures going on both with the native cultures and the waves of expats who have passed through here over the many decades and centuries before. Anyway, today Clarke Quay is just another cluster of nightclubs and modern day debauchery. My Canon course was there early on a Saturday morning. We were faced with the stench of alcohol in the streets and the fowl left over curry boxes from the night before but it did little to dissuade our group of camera junkies from catching our leading lines and our depth of field. All those buttons, crikey! I love my new camera!