My Little Muse

Naturally, as a mother my children are my most adored and my biggest source of inspiration. My kids never cease to amaze me with their effortless joie de vivre and their natural skills in adaptation. Today I am introducing my daughter, who I can truly say is my little muse. She is often my companion on many of our arty adventures. She loves going out with mom to the cafes and the museums and the shops and wherever. One lovely thing is that she doesn't mind me taking her picture and so she often features in a lot of my stuff. My two boys, on the other hand, are not so keen on having their picture taken, they just can't be bothered and I totally get that! With my boys I enjoy many other happy pursuits and not always do we play with the camera in tow. Sometimes I do get that brilliant capture of my boys and when I do I will be sure to introduce them as well.