My Week In Objects

archival box
archival box of my photographs
archival box of my photographs

Each week I am out photographing and then home at quiet times pouring over software tutorials and self teaching myself a bit of ICT. I am on a steep learning curve as regards to the world of digital, playing catch up and trying to get my head around photo editing software, backing up work with external hard drives and learning to manage a digital workflow. There is a lot to understand and so much adjustment to the previous world of filing tangible negatives and proofs, interacting with a lab to process, even printing my own stuff in the darkroom. But ya know what... I am loving it! I love my new camera and I am now feeling most comfortable shooting on manual like I used to with my film cams. As for the processing and such... wow! There is a lot to take on board. It's me and this computer.. we are becoming very good friends. At the moment I am using Aperature to organise my stuff and also for editing, probably because we are a mac household and seems like a fine place to start. However, I do plan to make it to Photoshop one day. But for now I am taking baby steps. How about you? Any top tips for blogging, photo editing or managing software? What's the scoop?

Above is my week in objects- sort of. Just a few things from around the house. -The plum is the last of the season for us and the last of my California imports, indicating a definite shift to Autumn. -My favourite cotton beach towels and the bamboo ladder that stands in the hallway. -My old portfolio box was brought out of storage and to my joy full of my old fiber prints. Happy Week eveyone :)

Style- check out Anamu blog by Ana Maria, a fellow L.A. girl who has recently moved to the region. She is a graphic artist, photographer and all around lovely creative. Her blog has been a huge inspiration as well as a stylish and fun one to follow.