Falling for New York

This is the time of year when I really start to miss things like autumn, chilled seascapes and snowy winters. Here in the tropics we do have some dramatic stuff like the most amazing electrical storms and monsoons but there is very little marked seasonal change. Each day is pretty much like the day before. Without the seasons the calendar is my only sign of passing time. Now in full swing of our Autumn term, I can't help but pine away for a proper season, just like the ones we used to get living in New York City. It was beautiful, the seasons dramatic and my memories of life in bustling Manhattan will forever impress me and my children.

If in New York now with kids don't miss this: the great Pumpkin Sail in Central Park and Trick or Treating at The Museum of Natural History. Must visit our favourite: Myers of Keswick to stock up on British goodies. Also check out Tea & Sympathy for a spot of transatlantic lovely- the tea shop even has a good chippy next door!

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