Hello, Goodbye

One of the hardest things about living abroad is having to say goodbye an awful lot. I am not a big fan of the gesture nor am I any good at it. Although I have been doing this for a very long time it never gets any easier. Being far and away from family and friends back home is hard enough, add another layer of transatlantic (Peter is from England, I'm from California) and mix that with the overseas ebb and flow of people and places, and things really get tricky! Today is one of those days where I feel overshadowed with a strange melancholy. We said goodbye to Grandma Pat last night, who is flying back to England now after a lovely long visit with us here in Singapore. And two of my friends have just announced that they are moving on- one to London the other to Australia. To make partings worse the children of these friends are dear to my children, who all go to school together. Softening the blow for them is always the most difficult. We live a sort of transient existence out here, there is a lot of movement and change is quick. Meeting new people and making new friends is a constant stirring of the international pot, and with that comes a lot of fast goodbyes! I say 'farewell' now instead of 'goodbye' and I always try to keep it light. Change is good, life is constant and travel is hugely insightful and fun! One day it will be us shifting off this island and on that day we will for sure be dancing to this! {Ray Charles. Hit The Road Jack}