Kiku is the Chrysanthemum flower and the symbol of Autumn in Japan. There is an art to growing these flowers in Japanese horticulture which involves using wooden sticks to train the petals to point straight upwards during bloom. There is method in the madness and it results in a stunning display of pop colour and meticulous design. I am a big fan of Japanese art and style and these botanics are just amazing. When in New York, don't miss the Kiku exhibit at the New York Botanical Gardens every November. The Chrysanthemum is prominent in a lot of Japanese textile design too, which I absolutely love. The use of block print motifs and pattern is so graceful. Check out these Etsy shops for some sweet vintage fabrics. I'm wishing for pillow cases and an upholstered chair!

Photos by Tanya Moss/ shot on 35mm Kodak film/ camera- Nikon/ location- New York Botanical Gardens