Wish List

Black & White Wishes

My Christmas wish list. I'm in love with all the monochrome style this year. Maybe because I tend to see often in black & white when I photograph or maybe because these goods are just cool and even kind of punk. Here's my pick for the season. Happy Christmas!

1. raven made of wood by Icelandic designer Hanna Bjarnadottir from Story North/ 2. spring garland wall sticker by Shanna Murray from Bodie & Fou/ 3. British Isles type map print by Bold and Noble from Bodie & Fou/ 4. pendant light from Toast/ 5. Bat girl print by Mini & Maximus from Bodie & Fou/ 6. black & white porcelain tea cup from Tine K Home/ 7. Pia Wallen cotton cross blanket from Story North/ 8. moose stocking from By Nord/ 9. teepee print by Beauchamping/