Peace on earth... this was always a top wish at Christmas time. It has been very quiet around here since the awful news from Connecticut arrived and stunned so sharply. A profound sadness has cast a dark shadow on our most special time. Speaking as a mum with children of my own... this is heartbreaking, difficult to shake and most difficult to explain. My little blog here is just a creative outlet and an observational journal of photographs and lovely things, I have no intention of mentioning the bad. I wanted to skip this post as it's been a heavy week but how could such a wrecking truth not be confronted. And so it is with a heavy heart as a grown up and as a parent that I try to get my head around more of our complex world. In the end Christmas love and cheer will prevail for my family and I will still wish for peace on earth and for certain I will be holding my children extra tight. School holidays have started and we kicked it off at the cinema with 'The Life Of Pi'- we so loved it! A visit with the new Giant Pandas at the Singapore zoo was heartwarming. Whilst Christmas shopping, lots of hot chocolate and getting caught in some crazy thunder and lightning storms have kept the spirit.

Photo: Big Sur, California by Tanya Moss