Focus {David Bailey}

David Bailey
David Bailey:Jean Shrimpton

Let's start off the new year with maverick British photographer {David Bailey}. Bailey's photography set a new precedent for the post war fashion world and kicked off the original hipster, modish, it-girl phenomena of London's 'Swinging Sixties' era. He is super famous for his liaison with British lovely Jean Shrimpton and the iconic photographs he took of her ultimately upstarted the pair into pop culture super stardom. Bailey's work here was unrefined and gritty mixed with stark beauty. Obscure street scenes featuring his model/muse in contrast, whose beauty then leaps out of the picture. It's a fantastic mix! You can see how the fashion world went crazy. Before this, fashion photography was more classical, elegant and stiff, where the models were prim, posh and staged. Born in 1938, Bailey grew up in working class East London. He was largely influenced by the cinema, French New Wave and the paintings of Pablo Picasso. Bailey held a myriad of odd jobs before embarking on photography as a profession. He has said that his pursuit of fashion was merely because that was the only way a photographer could make a living at the time.

You can read more about David Bailey here and here. Also check out We'll Take Manhattan, the BBC Four drama based on the Bailey/Shrimpton story.

Photographs by David Bailey