London With Kids

The London Underground celebrates it's 150th birthday this week. I have always had amusing adventures travelling underground with my toddler in London. In winter, we would bundle up, pack up the rucksack, hop in the Maclaren buggy and walk for miles above and below ground. Winding through narrow streets, catching the weel of the stroller in cobblestone, dodging the rain and hitting up the wonderful city parks. As we pop up to street level from the tube station below, the look on my little boy's face was as if it was magic! All that hustle and bustle and so much to see and do, London rocks!!

If in London with young children here are some useful and super cute links for your days out: Urban Explorer // Babyccino London // The Hopscotch Newsletter // London Walks // Also, check out the iphone app Mumderground to map out journeys and find out which stations have lifts! Happy trails!!!