On My Desk

Ok. Here's some interior truth... my office is a mess! It is the size of a box room and in need of some small space organising and decor. Last year we cleared this little space and made room for desks and shelving. This week I have only just begun to tackle the mass of clutter and tower of storage boxes that hover on the other side of the room. I find it quite tricky to create a good balance for work space, computers, storage, etc while also looking good. I share this space with the rest of the family which means it can get busy in here and we need some practical decorating and storage solutions. Any ideas? What is your office and/or desk space like? I have been collecting inspiration on my pinterest board for this very occasion.

Today on my desk: my Rollieflex camera which will be going in for a good clean and servicing this week // boxing up a sweet gift for the post, a porcelain pebble with printed butterfly by Swedish ceramicist Karin Eriksson- watch her artisan process here in this lovely six minute clip // tacked a wee print of a london cabbie on the wall, my lucky winning at the school faire from Prints & Prose // and I finally framed the decoupage city map of London by Famille Summerbelle //