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I happened upon a really beautiful cause the other day whilst doing my weekly grocery shop- A volunteer arts program directed at engaging and inspiring underprivileged children and youths in south east asia through photography. PHOTOkids offers a unique learning experience through a hands-on photography curriculum. The program aims to encourage creativity, visual communication and expression via photography to children who might not otherwise have access to the medium. All cameras and equipment are generously donated and the program is run by photographers who volunteer their time and skill to teach. PHOTOkids has worked in Bhutan, Cambodia, Indonesia and other places in the region, organising workshops, exhibitions, photo festivals and competitions. I purchased these postcards from them which were taken by some of the children in the program, aren't they amazing?! Check out their facebook page here. And if you would like to get involved with PHOTOkids email: contactus@photokidz.org for more information.