Scenes From A Morning

swim by Tanya Moss

Scenes from a quiet January morning. We live on an island really- It's way hot. This morning was a little different with the most gorgeous wind that swept through our 5th floor apartment. A subtle reminder that January is still here. There is a pool and I have finally started to swim again- it is the best! There is a beach too but you must travel a bit to find the good ones. Still, the beach bag is always packed! Our next "for real" beach escape is in April. Until then, we dream up good stuff from this little flat and enjoy the many city-scapes on this tiny tropical island metropolis.

Links and stuff-

Currently reading Jane Austen's 'Pride And Prejudice' which was published 200 years ago this week! This is one of my fave classic novels and lately I have been able to read for thirty minutes each morning which is time well squeezed. Read some amusing Austen quotes here and when in England, visit Chawton House to imagine it all // Looking forward to rock out with 'Vampire Weekend' and the 'Yeah Yeah Yeahs' tomorrow night at Fort Canning Park//