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Kate Moss by Corinne Day
Corinne Day
(C) Corrine Day, Kate, 1990
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Corinne Day, British fashion photographer, self-taught, creative and true in her approach, she is one of my faves! Corinne Day added a new documentary style to fashion photography in the early 1990's with her edgy, youthful and unabashed imagery. Corinne started out as a model herself before deciding on photography. She was living in L.A. at the time she began taking photos of her struggling model colleagues for fun. Back in London with a growing portfolio, Corinne landed a job at FACE magazine for which she featured an 8-page editorial of a then unknown 16-yr old Kate Moss. Corinne Day has been credited for helping to launch Kate's career and her photographs have become iconic for that as well as for their stunning and stark realism just as her work continues to inspire modern fashion and documentary photography today. RIP Corinne Day- we love ya!

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