Foreign Correspondent of Radness

photo by Tanya 1

Greetings from our Asian outpost. Around here lately the Lunar New Year is being celebrated. The party kicks off with tomorrow's new moon and carries on for fifteen days ending with a Lantern Festival which symbolises the advent of Spring. An animal constellation is represented for each year that the moon's orbital phase marks it's point in the sky- a twelve year cycle. This year we usher in the {Snake}. Calm, intelligent, kind, intuitive, elegant and contemplative are some characteristics of this sign. A few famous snakes: JK Rowlings, Brad Pitt, Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Brooke Shields, Pablo Picasso. And my boy too! My son, Cailan, turns 12 tomorrow. I cannot believe it! He is a perfect snake. I love him madly and we are all looking forward to celebrating in style over the weekend.

Have a look at our beautiful moon in action here.

Photographs- I love all the writing on the walls that I find walking around, the chinese script can be both sharp and elegant. Notice the little mirror hung above the doorway in that last picture... that is a typical feng shui practice to ward off bad spirit. Mirrors are used over entryways to reflect or bounce off any bad energy from entering. Also in rooms where you have your back to a door without a window facing in front, it is meant to be good feng shui to have a mirror in place of the window for the same effect of creating an open space flow for energy. I use one in my kitchen, I love the idea!