Pretend Trip To {Paris}

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Happy weekend everyone! New series {Pretend Trips} with your fave foreign correspondent of radness... c'est moi! Long before my blog adventures in the digital wilds of the internet, my travels were always well documented with ordinary film and a trusty analog camera. Looking back... I can't help but think how different my travel documentaries would have looked had I had the resources of the internet, online platforms, my iphone and instagram. So for fun, I am pouring through my old scrapbooks and travel pics and putting them together with new and updated travel information. A sort of blending of the retro with today's hip links. Great way to see if photographs stand the test of time! Voila! Today is Paris. Hope you enjoy the couch travel and useful links to plan your next trip. Bon Voyage xox

Paris links now:

Paris blog Pret a Voyager has a very informative Visit Paris guide and a new Bloggers Guide To Paris page, full of creative insight and travel ideas. Lost in Cheeseland is a lovely Parisian lifestyle blog following the musings of an american transplant. I Love Hip Paris Blog for EVERYTHING on what's hot now in Paris. Lodging- skip the hotel and gain a local perspective, rent an apartment via Haven In Paris. For visual inspiration visit Obvious for gorgeous photography of Paris.