Focus {Andre Kertesz}

photo by Andre Kertesz, Paris 1926
Andre Kertesz, Paris 1927
Andre Kertesz:
Andre Kertesz 1927
Andre Kertesz, 1941
Andre Kertesz- Chez Mondrian, Paris, 1926

Andre Kertesz comes from Budapest, Hungary. He received his first camera in 1912 at about the age of 18 and immediately began his life long affair with photography. Kertesz is known for his quiet uncensored captures of the everyday. He sought the details of ordinary life, street scenes and urban landscapes and delivered his photographs with an impeccable sense of composition. He is celebrated for his influence on the beginnings of photojournalism and for his contribution in defining photography as a new art form. In 1925 Kertesz moved to Paris to pursue his career as a photographer, landing smack in the middle of the 20th century avant-garde art scene. There he established himself well and won a distinguished amount of success, working alongside some of the most famous artists of that time. In 1936 Kertesz emigrated to New York and his career slowed down considerably. It was not until the 1960's, just as art photography in America was being inspired by a renewed interest in earlier European artists, that Kertesz's work was reawakened and discovered again. Kertesz continued to photograph and exhibit his work throughout the rest of his life. He passed away at the age of ninety one having witnessed the beginnings of hand held photography and also having an effect on it with his delightful artistry.

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