Parklife {Kew Gardens}

Some thoughts on Spring...

When we were living in England, we rented a cozy flat in Richmond Upon Thames in Southwest London. Our little house with large bay windows and hardwood floors was right in the village centre and within walking distance to two of the most amazing parks I had ever seen. This was a most special time in my life as I was a new mother then. My gorgeous baby boy, Callan, had arrived changing my life forever and giving me an immense and immeasurable amount of love that was beyond the moon and back. I remember a particular springtime when we used to walk to Kew Gardens most mornings to catch the mongolia flowers in bloom. I would pack a picnic and wrap my baby up and we'd set off briskly through the maze of neighbourhood streets. This was the park where my little boy took his first steps and I can easily get teary just thinking of that day. My memories of babyhood, motherhood, England all wrapped up like a sweet parcel of joy inside my heart. How I love photographs so much to quiet the time and give me the honour to remember. sigh!

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