Piccolo portrait by Tanya Moss
Portrait by Tanya Moss

When I first moved overseas I had little ones in tow. I was learning the ropes of being a new mom whilst navigating a different country and setting up new homes along the way for our travelling tribe. My camera fell by the way side for long periods of time I remember, as I was consumed with life in a different form. It was sometime during my awesome baby group when I picked up the camera again and resumed a bit of photography. I had met so many lovely expat moms from all over the world and we would gather and share our global, nomadic friendship and parenting savvy at various meet ups. At one point I started bringing my camera along and photographing the kids in our playgroup. My little portraiture venture {Piccolo} was formed from here. A small business in 35mm film and natural light. It's been a while since any commissions as I closed up shop when we moved to New York. I am thinking of re-establishing this project as I so enjoy working with children and capturing their little free spirits. I'm currently putting together a portfolio but was not considering including my work from {Piccolo} for reasons being that I want to focus more on digital, journalistic and travel photography. I have decided however to include a little bit of {Piccolo} here on the blog. Here's my first batch. Let me know what you think? Is portraiture appealing to you? Is portraiture a viable service?