Focus {Ramon Masats}

Ramon Masats 1

Since I'm off to Spain next week- HUGE SMILE HERE : ), our {Focus} feature is Spanish photographer Ramon Masats, one of the great names in Spanish photography. Ramon Masats was born in 1931 in Barcelona and took an interest in photography in his early 20's when he came across an art magazine called "Arte Fotografico." He says he had always had a fondness for doing something creative and had previously tried his hands at drawing but felt he wasn't any good at it. Photography became his perfect expression and he took to it quickly with the purchase of his first camera and a steady pursuit of snapping around the region capturing the landscape, festivals and cultural events of Spain. Ramon Masats is wonderfully talented in documentary and storytelling style. His fist exhibition as an amateur was in 1955/1956 which was very well received and in 1957 he moved to Madrid to become a professional. Over the course of his long career, Masats has made many unforgettable photographs of daily life in Spain and Spanish landscape. His images are direct and poetic and I love the graphic style of his work. Masats only uses analogue film cameras still to this day. He shoots on Leica, Nikon and Hasselblad. Digital does not worry him and he prefers to just shoot for fun now, enjoying the simplicity of the original craft.

See more of Ramon Masats work here at the beautifully curated Blanca Galeria Berlin. This sweet interview with the photographer here and check out his site and fb page too.