July already and I am just getting around to posting some of my pics from my visit to London some weeks ago. On my way to Spain, I stopped in London for a couple of days and whirled around the city catching up with friends, checking out a few art exhibits and of course enjoying the lovely food and views. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a pretty big anglophile and that England holds a special piece of my heart. Northern England especially which is my true love and so vastly different than what you may find in the capitol. However, each time I get to London I am enlightened and swept away with inspiration. I'm not sure what it is exactly that I love so much: just a fun and invigorating city nothing short of fabulous or maybe because we were living in London when we first started our family- perhaps it is those striking personal memories that shout out to me each time I visit... happy memories.

My trip highlights-

Stop by later in the week for my London part 2.