Hello there. How is your summer going? I hope everyone is enjoying a good break at this lovely time of year. Apologies for this very late {lately} post, things around here have been a bit non-stop. Since my kids finished school, we have moved house, had a mini stay-cation at an island hotel and next week we are off to California! Summer is so far so good! I'm checking in now with a selection of my latest iphone snaps. You can follow more of my travels via Instagram @_tanyamoss. Happy summer everyone!

About the pics: I'm dreaming of a summer road trip down the California coast in this blue beetle! One of the best things about living in the tropics is the promise of good fruit for breakfast.. always. And we finally packed up and said goodbye to our little apartment with the tin roof, it has been one of our best flats and a fabulous 2 years.

I loved all the small details at the hotel we checked into for a week while we waited for our next apartment to be ready. We've been enjoying lots of stuff here in Singapore like lazy days at the pool, beach cafes, an Eames design exhibit at the local museum and of course, universal studios which my kids love. : )