Pairings {September}

Get busy! Another week just flew by since my last post... wowee, how does it go so fast?! September is closing and Autumn is rolling. I have just started working again as a photographer and have made my debut back as a freelancer here in Singapore. I love the pace and the types of jobs I'm picking up. If we were to discuss 'life balance' this is perfect. Something that is working well with my children's schedules and household management while at the same time giving me that creative freedom to get stuck into some really lovely projects. And with getting back to work, I am planning for my future office/studio space! ; ) Since we are currently in-between residences though, I will just 'pin' my inspiration for now with Pinterest. It's so easy to get off track with all those beautiful things on Pinterest but I still think it is a pretty good way to organise styles, tasks and design aspirations. Check out my Pinterest boards here.

The image above left of the swan in the sea was taken in Ireland when we visited a couple of years ago for a friend's wedding. I love water and the ocean and the colour blue and thought it a nice match with this fabulous desk of photographer Jody Rogac. I will definitely want a water motif in my future office/studio- photographs, prints, painted wall or something like that. I think it would add a calm to an otherwise industrial space. How about you? Do you have a particular theme or inspiration in mind when designing your work space? Check out Rocket Science Tumblr for more pics of Jody Rogac's studio and a sweet interview with the artist.

[ Image above left: "sea" Ireland by Tanya Moss / Image above right: Jody Rogac's desk by Clement Pascal via Rocket Science Tumblr ]