Walking in LA

Bradbury building, LA

There has always been a standard joke about how nobody walks in LA. There is a lot of truth to that mainly because of a dependency on the car for the long stretches of distance through such a massive spread of metropolis. However, you will find that there is plenty of walking in LA once you park up, get out and into it. Each region, district and neighbourhood has a style of its own and offers a lot of great stuff to explore on foot.

On this occasion, my bestie and I took our daughters on a walk about in downtown LA. We spent the day checking out the sights and exploring the classic centre. It was so great to catch up and watch our girls skip around and enjoy the urban landscape as much as we did. We visited some great architecture, walked underneath the non-stop blue skies, picked up some fruit at the central market and then ended the day with shopping and lunch on Olvera St. We went to two of my favourite buildings, The Bradbury and Union Station, and admired their historic beauty. I love a good building and I particularly love the era of architecture from the 1920's and 1930's. Los Angeles is full of gem buildings and properties like these scattered all throughout the region- from art deco to modern to neo-renaissance, it has it all. LA style can be very 'pop' and effervescent but it mixes incredibly well with it's glamourous vintage past, it's quite unique really. Fun had by all! Until next time, Hey LA! xx