Pretend Trip To {Cinque Terre}

How about Italy? I have seen so many beautiful posts and travel pics gracing the blogs and instagram galleries over summer that my dreams are a drift with Italy now. Charmed, I'm sure. Nevertheless, I have compiled some pretty awesome travel ideas to make a next trip simply smashing- if ever I make it! For this 'Pretend Trips' feature I'm taking you back to Cinque Terre through a few of my own vintage photographs and sharing some new modern links and travel inspiration to go with. If anyone is heading out that way, perhaps you could take some of these little impressions with you too. Enjoy!

Cinque Terre or the 'Five Lands' is located in the Liguria region of Northern Italy. It is composed of five villages that link across and hug the rugged coastline of the Italian Riviera. You arrive there by train from La Spezia or you can come by boat, there are no private cars allowed in the villages. What I remember most about my visit there some years ago is this- lots of swimming in a crystal blue turquoise sea, hillside hikes, lemon groves, the best basil pesto I have ever tasted, focaccia breads with sea salt and sprigs of rosemary wrapped in wax paper still warm from the bakery oven, drinking lots of ridiculously good cheap wine, sitting out on the terrace of my rented pensione with forever Mediterranean views and killer sunsets- just happiness really.

Let's go now with some new links, maybe not much has changed-

  • Hiking in Cinque Terre is a must. There are some great trails that link the 5 villages and the views are spectacular. Find out where to hike and what to expect with this post from The Walks Of Italy Blog.
  • This lovely post from The Pretty Blog features beautiful photography and a sweet little travel write up on the region by photographer Lauren Kriedemann.
  • This post from one of my fave photographers, Tec Petaja, will have you dreaming too and itching to book your tickets straight away. Tec Petaja's photographs are absolutely gorgeous and capture perfectly that dream like state of travel.
  • How I would love to go on a photography workshop like this one.
  • "Wish you were here" Don't forget to get in front of your own lens every now and then while on holiday. Practice your own self portraits with this post from photographers Carmen and Ingo- love these two and their fun pics from Cinque Terre. (Note my own original 'selfie' above from when I was there long ago, I used a self timer : )
  • Fun travel tips from the Italian Fix.
  • Dear Leila's cool snaps from a disposable holiday camera.
  • This lovely place would be perfect to stop for a drink or stay a while longer for dinner and sunsets.
  • Looking for a place to stay? Try here and here.

[ Above photographs by Tanya Moss | Cinque Terre, Italy | 35mm film ]

Check back next week for more 'Pretend Trips' to Rome and Florence.