A rainy day at the park is just what it takes to get the kids out and cooled off. Late Autumn in South East Asia is more like the start of the monsoon season so we get a lot of rain and thunder and lightning and crazy storms nearly every day. The rain here is special- heavy, fat drops that pellet you from the sky. It just takes a few seconds to get completely soaked- soaked as if you had just jumped in a pool or stepped out of the shower, no joke. We have been caught in the rain countless of times living over here. Sometimes it is the most frustrating, infuriating experience like when you are stranded in your best clothes meant to be somewhere special. Other times it can be the most joyous thing splashing around. My kids love it when we get rained out, they think it's fun and cool and amazing. And so it is really- nothing like stormy weather to stir and enliven! We have certainly had some memorable tropical rainstorm moments here, often hilarious and I am so glad for that.

This is Hort Park, which is one of my favourites here. It is a gardening and horticultural park with good garden walks and stylish greenhouses. I love the modern designed landscape and how it compliments the tropical foliage. And if you have a green thumb or you want to have one, this is a good place. The park is always running educational workshops where you can pick up gardening ideas and solutions as well as learn the latest in landscape design. One day I hope to pursue gardening proper but first we must end our apartment dwelling and get our house in order. To that matter a back garden space is an essential criteria for our next move. How cool will that be? Until then, I'm happy to hang out here ; ) How about you? Do you garden? Do you have a green space for your home?