Focus {Helena Christensen}

photo by Helena Christensen:Kate Bosworth
Liv Taylor by Helena Christensen
Kate Bosworth by Helena Christensen
Photography by Helena Christensen

Yes, Helena Christensen is not only a gorgeous supermodel, she is a fantastic photographer as well. I have always admired Helena in the pages of the fashion mags, she is such a stunner and a natural beauty and one of my fave models. I remember being absolutely thrilled to find out that she was also an amazing photographer. I first discovered her work years ago when some of it would come through the lab I used to work at in LA. She'd order quality fiber based printing from us and her images were just beautiful. Quiet, moody, rich and engaging is how I would describe her photographs. Helena has many forms of photographic style, I particularly love her film work, polaroids and medium format camera use. Having had such an incredible career in front of the lens for 2 decades it is so cool to appreciate her talent as a photographer too. I love her photography so much, the style, the atmosphere of it- huge inspiration. Thanks Helena!

See more of Helena Christensen's photography here. If you have 20 minutes to spare and you really love photography- watch this video from the Capture Channel featuring an insightful interview with Helena and the amazing photographer Mary Ellen Mark. Also check out these sweet little articles here, here and here for a lovely introduction to Helena and her take on photography, design, parenting and a creative life. Enjoy!