Hi there.

It's been a little busy around here with little chance to post to this space... and I've missed ya! Autumn has been pretty impressive so far with lots of projects and events and of course our fantastic tropical Halloween- which we totally pulled off last minute after the rain storm and just managed in flash time to find and carve a pumpkin and spook the neighbours with proper trick or treating. What's more... there are some really BIG changes coming up for our family and I will have some exciting news to share with you very soon!

For now I wanted to share some photography I've been busy with lately. This is C&S Prints and Posters, a sweet little business that makes canvas typography and bus scrolls for the home. As well as looking chic these are great memory pieces too- with each piece custom designed to reflect your personal journeys and histoires. Perfect for travellers, expats and families on the go. I know I will be wanting to put my order in soon- my family's life journey would fill up a bus scroll now for sure and how cool would one look in my future kitchen ; )