Pretend Trip To {Florence}

I lived in Italy for a few months back in my college days. I studied literature and art in Rome for a term and it was there and then that I was forever impressed with a love for Italy. I'd like to share some of my photos from that era. It's fun for me to look back and see how photography continues on in my life and fills chapters of my journey. As part of my {Pretend Trips} series, I take you back through my vintage photographs and then "link" you to today's travel savvy. Enjoy!

Awesome Links-

  • One day in Florence? What to see, do and eat from  A Dusty Olive Green- a travel and photography blog by Danish expat, photographer and mum living in Italy.
  • Jose Villa photography workshop- this course is on my ultimate wish list... one day!!
  • The Curious Eater- Full of gorgeous food photography, travel, culture, Italian lifestyle and recipes from talented photographer Sophie Delauw.
  • More dreamy photography from Tec Petaja and his travels through Tuscany.
  • So much inspiration from these lovelies and their gorgeous work- photographers Ali Harper and KT Merry.

[ Photography by Tanya Moss | Florence, Italy | 35mm film ]