Big News

Well the time has come for our big announcement... WE'RE MOVING TO SWITZERLAND! It feels as though I could shout that from a mountain top, I'm so excited. This my friends is another one of our family capers to international superstardom. From tropical to alpine, the contrast couldn't be more pronounced with this move. We expect it to be a massive adjustment after years of palms and coconut. Still, we're ready. We look forward to the change and the chance to experience another lifestyle, another culture and another environment. Ultimately, we are returning back to the West from our long run in the East. It's been an incredible ride and this move marks a very important juncture for us.

After a difficult time in the past few weeks with the loss of my mum, I must now force my attention ahead to our upcoming migration. These are challenging times for real. There is a lot to sort out- schooling for the kids, house hunting, French lessons, new business plans, etc. Not to freak myself out but moving continents is a fairly colossal undertaking. However, the mission is not at all impossible and I am very ready to embark on the project. But wait.... first there's Christmas, Ho Ho Ho!

Keep in touch. I will be posting my photography and adventures throughout the journey here on my blog- Piccolo. Do come along, I'd be very happy to have you here. Subscribe to this blog by email to get my latest posts delivered directly to your inbox- you can do this on the left side column of this site. Alternatively, you can also find me on Bloglovin, Instagram and Tumblr.

Tanya xo