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{Love letters to Asia} This is a little project I am putting together as a tribute and as part of a lingering farewell. We are moving to Europe next month and after nearly ten years in Asia, I thought it would be a good idea to compile pieces of our time here. This is not only an exercise in journaling but also a brilliant way to get my pictures organised, clear off the computer, revise my archive and back up systems and prepare for the relocation. Making room for new memories and new images and starting the new year with purpose and intention in pursuit of photography seems like a pretty good way to start my 2014.

Dear Thailand,

I was alone, weary and carrying a large back pack when we first met. I remember the weight of that pack on my back and the heat that you hurled against me. First impressions are often misleading and as I desperately made my way to Bangkok's notoriously shoddy Koh San Road, I remember trembling and thinking seriously what the hell am I doing here? My adrenalin subsided after a few days and I was soon convinced to dive straight in to explore your capitol city, which was no kidding- a kaleidoscope of crazy. You are so bold, so full of energy. Full of spiritual glitter and golden temples. Your craftsmanship is impeccable, you ooze creativity and style. Your architecture, your textiles, your food, the way you dance, all of it- unique, colourful and outrageous. Your history is vast like an empire and your people are at the heart of it. After awhile I had to leave as if I couldn't take it any more, the bombardment on the senses. I went in search of the beach and Leonardo Dicaprio (joking). Your islands are enchanting, your water so blue. It was heavenly. I went rock climbing and swam every day. I visited Koh Phi Phi and Railey Beach and travelled always by boat. I was impressed.

I visited you again several years later, this time carrying a baby rather than the backpack. I love your islands and you have been close enough lately to travel to easily. I have loved bringing my kids to visit you and now they love you too. Thank you for teaching them how to snorkel. Thank you for such wonderful memories.

Love, Tanya xox

[ Snapshots above taken with a pocket camera ]