Love Letters To Asia | Saigon

Dear Vietnam,

I never had the chance to get to know you really. Our introduction was brief- a dashing weekend in Saigon. Still, I was very impressed. You offered me just a glimpse into your remarkable kingdom and it was captivating. I travelled to Saigon with a friend to research craft and design for our small homewares company that we were starting up at the time. I remember we just walked and walked and walked, up and down your crooked tree lined streets and boulevards. We would stop at nearly every inch and notice an abundance of detail and colour, taking notes along the way, gushing with inspiration and ideas. I really must thank you for that!

You are incredibly imaginative and highly skilled. Your craft and design are impeccable. You are traditional yet modern and your mix of the two is special. You mix media like no other! Recycling and reusing almost all forms of plastic, tin and textiles. You are innovative, turning everyday goods into something else equally practical. You have a french influence and your relationship is clear. A cafe culture and street style where you can buy baguettes and coffee curb side as you walk pass the beautiful Notre Dame Basilica. You are stylish, interesting, fun and clever- I can only imagine how much more of you there is to explore. Bon voyage!

Tanya xox

[ Snapshots above taken with a pocket camera ]