January Closing

Hello there.

Well I'm officially in crazy mode now in preparation for our upcoming international move. I have entered the countdown phase and I'm running wild with 'to do' lists, navigating the logistics of moving a family of 5 across 3 continents and 2 oceans to then land in Europe and begin a new life. Wowee!! Things are fast and furious around here and we're steaming along. I keep calm with lots of ginger tea and the lighter side of our day to day with often hilarious 'out-takes' to keep us smiling.

These are my kids above and this was an exercise in mum's in-camera white balance check. I figured I might as well get some 2014 new year family snaps while I had them all together, assembled and looking fabulous. I had 10 minutes with them at this curious blue wall across the street from our apartment before they ran off! Anyway, we laughed and laughed as my youngest channeled 007, my eldest practised his Tae Kwon Do and my daughter swirled around with her head in the clouds. I think I figured out my white balance but I still get frustrated with my focusing options. This is self taught digital madness folks and sometimes the new camera (Canon 5D Mark ll) has me in a knot, when that happens I grumble for analog, humf! Oh well. I did get some captures of my children here, which counts too. More interesting is the memory and this exact time and day just before we take off and move overseas. I can look back now and always remember that blue wall, my camera woes and their pretty little faces and remember the excitement of an awaiting adventure. Photo blog 101, that's me. Happy January!