Packing For The Cold

Ok. So here is something I haven't done in a while:  packing for cold weather. I imagine it will be quite a shocker for us to land in Europe in mid February after several years tucked away in a tropical swirl. But I am determined to get this right and to be prepared. I'm actually looking forward to building one of those fabulous winter wardrobes that I admire so much in the fashion magazines. Even just the thought of being able to wear jeans again makes me insanely happy! Living in South East Asia has had my wardrobe locked in perpetual summer. And hey it's been great don't get me wrong, I love sundresses, sandals and peasant tops just as much as the next sun chaser. But after a whopping 10 years over here, its high time I had better do something about my life in flip flops.

Although I am a California girl through and through, I'm not entirely ignorant to the realities of winter weather. We lived in New York for 2 years and we lived in England for 3 years before that. Both places gave me a true experience with cooler climes and that should be a good start to my packing strategy. I was thrilled to receive my parcel from JCrew the other day. It was filled with new cozy warm items just in time to enter my suitcase. JCrew is one of my go to all around favourite shops and has been so since my college days. Just recently they have launched international shipping as well as opened a store in London. And I'm pretty stoked to finally have my JCrew covets within easy reach.

Of course my future winter wardrobe will take some time to build up but I have lots of inspiration on how it might look. And with Spring up next, I'm feeling pretty relaxed about the whole process. Here is my current wish list for Switzerland. I know for a fact that my staple outfit for the first month of chill will be skinny jeans, ankle boots, a hoodie and some kind of cool jacket or coat. What do you think? Which jacket do you like? Do you love a winter wardrobe too?

Cooler Climes | wishlist