Getting Ready

bride, wedding, black and white photography, tanya moss
photo by Tanya Moss
bride, wedding photography, black and white photography, 35mm, tanya moss photography, piccolo photography

Hello there and Happy Summer.

Hey it`s been awhile, I know. I`m in California at the moment on an extended visit home, enjoying the warm desert heat, the palms, the ocean and the breezy starry nights. I am also here to photograph the wedding of the year ( well my family`s year anyhow!! ) That of my nephew Danny and his gorgeous bride Blair. Please find me on Instagram @_tanyamoss to follow my adventures in Southern California.

Posting my wedding photography digitally is very new to me as I have only used film for this type of work before. I still love the traditional film approach but I am SO glad for the upgrade. The job should flow a lot easier in digital, most certainly without the anticipation and worry that builds when working exclusively with film. Back when we used to call the film canister the "holy grail" and that whatever was captured in that little tin spool would not be revealed until you got your proofs back from the lab. It was a very exciting job but also kinda stressful when you are holding someone`s biggest day in your pocket. A polaroid tester was all you had to go by in terms of what your film was meant to capture and the rest was up to trusty light metering, a good lab and good fortune!

Please note that these images are digital scans from actual photographic prints and in some cases the actual negative. The grain and vintage quality of the pictures are a part of the effects of film photography.

Enjoy and let me know what you think. Cheers, Tanya