We Made it to Switzerland!

photo by tanya moss. switzerland, vsco

Hello Friends,

Checking in here after our big move from Asia to Europe. We made it to Switzerland and so far so good! It's been a crazy busy six weeks since we bid our farewell to Singapore. We've travelled well and far and have lately been completely absorbed with our new land and the ever tipsy process of settling into a new country.

There are some changes coming up for this blog as I overhaul my online space and upstart my little photography business called PICCOLO. This is an artistic pursuit that I am so excited about and have dreamed about forever. My project is a little slow-going just now but I will be posting my work and progress here as I go along, so bear with me and stay tuned.

In the meantime there is a lot of settling in to be done here with my gorgeous family and our new home. We move into a new house this weekend, so excited! Time to set up and decorate a new pad. I've been collecting design inspiration on Pinterest for this very occasion : ) I find this to be a pretty good way to map out the new space and decide what goes where. Check out my pins here. Do you use Pinterest? Making inspiration boards really helps me to streamline certain projects- they're brilliant for gathering direction and style for so many tasks. So easy to get side-tracked though by all those pretty pictures right? No kidding! Just keep it real and set a timer if you must, it's a very useful app. ; )

Oh and Switzerland? Switzerland is awesome. It's amazingly beautiful here just as imagined. We couldn't have arrived at a more spectacular time with Spring in full swing. We're enjoying the view, the weather, the trees and the fresh air especially- these are the things most dramatically different from Singapore. Well, ALL of it is dramatically different and I will share more in my upcoming posts. Ok, until then.

Bon nuit.

[ photo above of Lake Geneva. Taken with iphone. See more from my instagram @_tanyamoss ]

Hello Friends

Hello Friends, I'm back!! Hope you have all had a fantastic summer and are feeling inspired, happy and rested for the Autumn turn ahead. September is bam! Here we are already stuck in with back to school and super stuff going on all around. I love this time of year for it's kick start full of new terms, ideas and plans. I always feel inspired, ready to tackle, busy as bees. Then comes that run up to Christmas and more magic... it has to be one of the best parts of the year. What do you think? Or are you already missing summer?

It's nice to be back to this little blog and I have so much to share with you in the upcoming weeks. I will start with VSCO, a company wonderfully devoted to the wow factor in digital photography. VSCOcam is the app for your iphone which allows you to snap away, use top of the line editing tools, choose from an array of gorgeous filters and then easily share your work onto social media or wherever. The best feature is the VSCOgrid an absolutely stunning online platform for beautiful mobile photography. VSCO carefully curates this gallery and selects pictures each week from photographers around the globe who have uploaded their work to the platform. Talk about dreamy inspiration... it's awesome, you should check it out! My picture above was selected for VSCOgrid while I was away on holiday. I was so stoked to find that email in my inbox from the VSCO team, very honoured, thank you!!!

Visit my VSCO here @ tanyamoss.vsco.co