Big News

Well the time has come for our big announcement... WE'RE MOVING TO SWITZERLAND! It feels as though I could shout that from a mountain top, I'm so excited. This my friends is another one of our family capers to international superstardom. From tropical to alpine, the contrast couldn't be more pronounced with this move. We expect it to be a massive adjustment after years of palms and coconut. Still, we're ready. We look forward to the change and the chance to experience another lifestyle, another culture and another environment. Ultimately, we are returning back to the West from our long run in the East. It's been an incredible ride and this move marks a very important juncture for us.

After a difficult time in the past few weeks with the loss of my mum, I must now force my attention ahead to our upcoming migration. These are challenging times for real. There is a lot to sort out- schooling for the kids, house hunting, French lessons, new business plans, etc. Not to freak myself out but moving continents is a fairly colossal undertaking. However, the mission is not at all impossible and I am very ready to embark on the project. But wait.... first there's Christmas, Ho Ho Ho!

Keep in touch. I will be posting my photography and adventures throughout the journey here on my blog- Piccolo. Do come along, I'd be very happy to have you here. Subscribe to this blog by email to get my latest posts delivered directly to your inbox- you can do this on the left side column of this site. Alternatively, you can also find me on Bloglovin, Instagram and Tumblr.

Tanya xo

Dear Mom

I had to say goodbye to my mama a few days ago. My heart has been very heavy. This was my first real close encounter with death and the jolt was also a pronounced revelation as to the ethereal of life. The picture above is a classic photo booth strip that I have had and carried around for some time in my shoebox of old pictures and memorabilia. On the back it says "me and mom" scribbled in my adolescent handwriting. I love this picture because it is how I most remember her. My childhood is where our love was formed and where it now rests in my heart and my memory. Rest in peace my beautiful mom and I will forever see you in the stars and skies above. xox


Hello December. So happy to see you my winter friend. Just checking in here guys- I've had to pause this space for a few weeks but will be back very soon with more travels and tales and photos as well as some big international moving news. Thank you so much for following along.

Photo by Tanya Moss | 35mm film | New York

Pretend Trip To {Florence}

I lived in Italy for a few months back in my college days. I studied literature and art in Rome for a term and it was there and then that I was forever impressed with a love for Italy. I'd like to share some of my photos from that era. It's fun for me to look back and see how photography continues on in my life and fills chapters of my journey. As part of my {Pretend Trips} series, I take you back through my vintage photographs and then "link" you to today's travel savvy. Enjoy!

Awesome Links-

  • One day in Florence? What to see, do and eat from  A Dusty Olive Green- a travel and photography blog by Danish expat, photographer and mum living in Italy.
  • Jose Villa photography workshop- this course is on my ultimate wish list... one day!!
  • The Curious Eater- Full of gorgeous food photography, travel, culture, Italian lifestyle and recipes from talented photographer Sophie Delauw.
  • More dreamy photography from Tec Petaja and his travels through Tuscany.
  • So much inspiration from these lovelies and their gorgeous work- photographers Ali Harper and KT Merry.

[ Photography by Tanya Moss | Florence, Italy | 35mm film ]


Hi there.

It's been a little busy around here with little chance to post to this space... and I've missed ya! Autumn has been pretty impressive so far with lots of projects and events and of course our fantastic tropical Halloween- which we totally pulled off last minute after the rain storm and just managed in flash time to find and carve a pumpkin and spook the neighbours with proper trick or treating. What's more... there are some really BIG changes coming up for our family and I will have some exciting news to share with you very soon!

For now I wanted to share some photography I've been busy with lately. This is C&S Prints and Posters, a sweet little business that makes canvas typography and bus scrolls for the home. As well as looking chic these are great memory pieces too- with each piece custom designed to reflect your personal journeys and histoires. Perfect for travellers, expats and families on the go. I know I will be wanting to put my order in soon- my family's life journey would fill up a bus scroll now for sure and how cool would one look in my future kitchen ; )