Wedding Work 1

Back to the beginning. Before setting off on my own ventures, I used to be a photographer`s assistant. I had my day job at the pro photo lab in LA and then on the weekends I would book assisting jobs mostly for wedding and event photographers. It was then that I fell in love with wedding photography and where I first got the chance to work these type of events. I feel really lucky to have sided with some truly amazing people- the clients who gave me the opportunity to photograph their very special day and my awesome mentors- the photographers whom I worked for in the past, who inspired me and taught me so much.

The images above and in the upcoming related posts are from the first weddings I photographed on my own, all in 35mm film. I think these brides are so beautiful and so cool looking. What do you think?

Getting Ready

bride, wedding, black and white photography, tanya moss
photo by Tanya Moss
bride, wedding photography, black and white photography, 35mm, tanya moss photography, piccolo photography

Hello there and Happy Summer.

Hey it`s been awhile, I know. I`m in California at the moment on an extended visit home, enjoying the warm desert heat, the palms, the ocean and the breezy starry nights. I am also here to photograph the wedding of the year ( well my family`s year anyhow!! ) That of my nephew Danny and his gorgeous bride Blair. Please find me on Instagram @_tanyamoss to follow my adventures in Southern California.

Posting my wedding photography digitally is very new to me as I have only used film for this type of work before. I still love the traditional film approach but I am SO glad for the upgrade. The job should flow a lot easier in digital, most certainly without the anticipation and worry that builds when working exclusively with film. Back when we used to call the film canister the "holy grail" and that whatever was captured in that little tin spool would not be revealed until you got your proofs back from the lab. It was a very exciting job but also kinda stressful when you are holding someone`s biggest day in your pocket. A polaroid tester was all you had to go by in terms of what your film was meant to capture and the rest was up to trusty light metering, a good lab and good fortune!

Please note that these images are digital scans from actual photographic prints and in some cases the actual negative. The grain and vintage quality of the pictures are a part of the effects of film photography.

Enjoy and let me know what you think. Cheers, Tanya

We Made it to Switzerland!

photo by tanya moss. switzerland, vsco

Hello Friends,

Checking in here after our big move from Asia to Europe. We made it to Switzerland and so far so good! It's been a crazy busy six weeks since we bid our farewell to Singapore. We've travelled well and far and have lately been completely absorbed with our new land and the ever tipsy process of settling into a new country.

There are some changes coming up for this blog as I overhaul my online space and upstart my little photography business called PICCOLO. This is an artistic pursuit that I am so excited about and have dreamed about forever. My project is a little slow-going just now but I will be posting my work and progress here as I go along, so bear with me and stay tuned.

In the meantime there is a lot of settling in to be done here with my gorgeous family and our new home. We move into a new house this weekend, so excited! Time to set up and decorate a new pad. I've been collecting design inspiration on Pinterest for this very occasion : ) I find this to be a pretty good way to map out the new space and decide what goes where. Check out my pins here. Do you use Pinterest? Making inspiration boards really helps me to streamline certain projects- they're brilliant for gathering direction and style for so many tasks. So easy to get side-tracked though by all those pretty pictures right? No kidding! Just keep it real and set a timer if you must, it's a very useful app. ; )

Oh and Switzerland? Switzerland is awesome. It's amazingly beautiful here just as imagined. We couldn't have arrived at a more spectacular time with Spring in full swing. We're enjoying the view, the weather, the trees and the fresh air especially- these are the things most dramatically different from Singapore. Well, ALL of it is dramatically different and I will share more in my upcoming posts. Ok, until then.

Bon nuit.

[ photo above of Lake Geneva. Taken with iphone. See more from my instagram @_tanyamoss ]

Packing For The Cold

Ok. So here is something I haven't done in a while:  packing for cold weather. I imagine it will be quite a shocker for us to land in Europe in mid February after several years tucked away in a tropical swirl. But I am determined to get this right and to be prepared. I'm actually looking forward to building one of those fabulous winter wardrobes that I admire so much in the fashion magazines. Even just the thought of being able to wear jeans again makes me insanely happy! Living in South East Asia has had my wardrobe locked in perpetual summer. And hey it's been great don't get me wrong, I love sundresses, sandals and peasant tops just as much as the next sun chaser. But after a whopping 10 years over here, its high time I had better do something about my life in flip flops.

Although I am a California girl through and through, I'm not entirely ignorant to the realities of winter weather. We lived in New York for 2 years and we lived in England for 3 years before that. Both places gave me a true experience with cooler climes and that should be a good start to my packing strategy. I was thrilled to receive my parcel from JCrew the other day. It was filled with new cozy warm items just in time to enter my suitcase. JCrew is one of my go to all around favourite shops and has been so since my college days. Just recently they have launched international shipping as well as opened a store in London. And I'm pretty stoked to finally have my JCrew covets within easy reach.

Of course my future winter wardrobe will take some time to build up but I have lots of inspiration on how it might look. And with Spring up next, I'm feeling pretty relaxed about the whole process. Here is my current wish list for Switzerland. I know for a fact that my staple outfit for the first month of chill will be skinny jeans, ankle boots, a hoodie and some kind of cool jacket or coat. What do you think? Which jacket do you like? Do you love a winter wardrobe too?

Cooler Climes | wishlist

January Closing

Hello there.

Well I'm officially in crazy mode now in preparation for our upcoming international move. I have entered the countdown phase and I'm running wild with 'to do' lists, navigating the logistics of moving a family of 5 across 3 continents and 2 oceans to then land in Europe and begin a new life. Wowee!! Things are fast and furious around here and we're steaming along. I keep calm with lots of ginger tea and the lighter side of our day to day with often hilarious 'out-takes' to keep us smiling.

These are my kids above and this was an exercise in mum's in-camera white balance check. I figured I might as well get some 2014 new year family snaps while I had them all together, assembled and looking fabulous. I had 10 minutes with them at this curious blue wall across the street from our apartment before they ran off! Anyway, we laughed and laughed as my youngest channeled 007, my eldest practised his Tae Kwon Do and my daughter swirled around with her head in the clouds. I think I figured out my white balance but I still get frustrated with my focusing options. This is self taught digital madness folks and sometimes the new camera (Canon 5D Mark ll) has me in a knot, when that happens I grumble for analog, humf! Oh well. I did get some captures of my children here, which counts too. More interesting is the memory and this exact time and day just before we take off and move overseas. I can look back now and always remember that blue wall, my camera woes and their pretty little faces and remember the excitement of an awaiting adventure. Photo blog 101, that's me. Happy January!